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Administrative Set Up: The Land Records Department (Now Land Management Department) started functioning as separate minor department w.e.f 24th January 1981 vide Govt. Order No. Estt(A)-116/79 dated 24th January, 1981, the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh vide notification No. Estt(A)-36/95 dated 30th November, 1995 abolished the system of Major and Minor Departments in the State and allowed all the departments to function as a separate independent departments. The name of Land Records Department was changed to Land Management Department vide Notification No. LR-20/82 dated 12th June, 1998, thence Land Management Department is looking after all kinds of land related matters like preparation of Policy Decisions, undertaking of Cadastral Surveys, Mapping, Awarding land allotment orders, issuance of Land Possession Certificate to private land owners, acquisition of land for Defence and Central Govt. Department, and other departments in addition to collection of land revenues and imparting survey training to survey field staff. It is also pertinent to mention that these works are executed in the districts by the concerned Deputy Commissioner as District Collectors with the help of various categories of field survey staffs.

Most of the land in A.P. is un-surveyed except the land in township areas, as such preparation of RoR is not possible in absence of land survey & settlement operation, thus no patta system is introduced so far. In absence of patta system for private land ownership in the state, the govt. has adopted a system to issue LPC (Land possession Certificate) so as to enable the private land owners to obtain financial assistance from the Banking Institutes & other financial institutions for their economic upliftment. The Land Management Department is initiating to notify all the Administrative Centres, Schools & other Govt. establishments which have not yet been notified to prevent encroachment of the govt. land. There are more than 230 Administrative Centres in the State. Most of the township land are un-notified which requires proper survey for issue of notification. The cabinet in its meeting held on 12th Nov, 2007 decided that such un-notified townships/administrative centres including school & govt. establishment should be properly demarcated and notify to prevent further encroachments. So far 51 administrative centres & 14 other govt. establishment have been notified.

To deal with the Land matters, certain Acts/Policies on land have been enacted by the Department, like the AP (Land Settlement & Records) Act’2000 ; the AP (Land Settlement & Records) Rules’2002; AP Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorized Occupants) Act’2003 etc have been enacted & notified in AP Gazette. The Department is also looking after the Land Acquisitions for Defence, Para-Military Forces, Border Roads Organization, Public Sector Undertakings, NGOs and Central & State Govt. Departments as per the Land Acquisition Act’1894 and Balipara, Tirap, Sadiya Frontier Tract Regulation based on the State & Rehabilitation Act’2000.
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